June 2010

Summer two month plan

Two Month Menu Plan

Part I – The Plan, Part II – breakfasts, lunch, sides, desserts, Part III – putting your menu into action, Part IV – the actual meal plans, Part V – the wrap up

November OAMC (winter)

An “Easy” OAMC

Cook for a Week, Eat for a Month


Grocery List

Plan for Monday and Tuesday

Plan for Wednesday and Thursday

Wrap up

OAMC, session 1

Meal list

Prep Day

Assembly Day and Month of menus

OAMC, session 2

Meal list

Assembly day and Month of menus

Wrap up

OAMC, session 3

The Plan

Month of menus and Assembly Day instructions

Summer OAMC


The Plan

The Wrap Up

Monthly Menu

Freezer Cooking Tips

Notes from a OAMC class

Helpful Freezer cooking links:

Bulk Cooking with a Cooking Club

Christy’s Clip Art OAMC page

Freezer Cooking links from Org Junkie

Mom’s Budget – Freezer Recipes

Once A Month Mom

Recipezaar – OAMC/Freezer

Snacks from the freezer