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Part II

Part III

Here are my meal plans for Month 1 and 2 – I hope to put these into rotation and then as the weather gets warmer I will make changes to add some grilling recipes and more salads and lighter meals.  If you would like recipe links, please see Menu Planning Part I (link above).  Each day has 4-5 meals

Month 1:

Mondays Creamy Chicken Casserole; Chicken Bombay;  Zesty BBQ Chicken; Slow Cooker Bacon & Cheese Chicken

Tuesdays – Tacos/Nachos; Tostadas; BBQ Chicken, Bacon, Cheese Quesadillas; Chicken Taco Casserole

Wednesday – Chicken Fried Rice; Hamburger Soup; Cheeseburger Soup; Pork Chop Packets

Thursdays – To try night; Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry; To Try night; Teriyaki Pork Chops

Fridays – Pizza

Saturdays – Crock pot BBQ Beef and Beans; Hominy Casserole; Fettuccine Alfredo; Boneless Chicken fingers with Honey BBQ Sauce

Sundays – “Sunday Dinner” or leftovers

Month 2:

Mondays – Smoked Sausage Chowder; Chicken Bombay; Bacon & Cheese Slow Cooker Chicken; BBQ Chicken & Cornbread Casserole; Hominy Casserole

Tuesdays – Tacos/Nachos; To Try Night; Tostadas; Chicken Taco Casserole; Taco Braid

Wednesdays – Sloppy Joes; Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo; Vegetable Soup; Hot ham and cheese sandwiches; Crock pot BBQ Beef and Bean

Thursdays – Teriyaki Pork Chops; Chicken Fried Rice; To Try Night; Stir Fry

Fridays – Pizza

Saturdays – Lemon Garlic Chicken; Potato Soup; Burrito Pie; Hamburgers

Sundays – “Sunday Dinner” and/or Leftovers

Those are my monthly plans for now.  Hopefully it will work out well.  I did not make every single one of my meals freezer-ready, but the majority of them are.

Here is my Freezer Cooking Day plan.

Prep Day:

1.  Cook Chicken for:

Chicken Fried Rice (4 breasts); Chicken Taco Casserole (2 cups); Creamy Chicken Casserole (5 cups)

2.  Cook Rice for:

Chicken Fried Rice (4 cups); Chicken Taco Casserole (2 cups)

3.  Cook Hamburger for:

Hamburger soup (1 lb.); Sloppy Joes (2 lbs.); Tacos (2 lbs.); Cheeseburger soup (1 lb.); Taco Braid (1 lb.)

4.  Chop Veggies:

Onions -divide into individual bags; dice celery and carrots

Assembly Day:

5.  Put BBQ Pork Chops ingredients into freezer bag – label and freeze.

6.  Put BBQ Chicken & Cornbread ingredients into freezer bag – label and freeze.

7.  Put Teriyaki Pork Chops ingredients into freezer bag – label and freeze.

8.  Layer Chicken Taco Casserole ingredients, flash freeze – label, wrap and freeze.

9.  Make Alfredo sauce and freeze (and label).

10.  Put Zesty BBQ Chicken ingredients into freezer bag – label and freeze.

11.  Cook sauce for Chicken Bombay, cool and put into freezer bag with frozen chicken – label and freeze.

12.  Put Lemon Garlic Chicken ingredients in freezer bag – label and freeze.

13.  Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken – layer in gallon freezer bag; put cheese and bacon in separate quart-size bag.  Label and freeze.