I am getting ready to start another OAMC session (you can see details of my last one here).  This time I “rented” a book from the library.  It is called The 30 Day Gourmet.  And these women were from central Indiana (like myself) so I knew they would be smart (just kidding).  Anyway, this book helped tremendously because it has actual forms to fill out.  It made the planning stage so much easier.

1. I have made my list of 11 “meals” that I am going to make and I am going to make 2 of each meal.

2.  I have filled in and gathered all of the recipes and checked my pantry for ingredients I already have.  I then made my grocery list once I calculated how MUCH of everything that I would need.

3.  Shopping – I am in the process of this.  I bought several things in bulk from Sam’s (I wish I lived closer to a Costco).  I am going to a regular grocery store today to finish up.  I am also getting the regular things we need for the next month or so.

I will post next week about my next few steps including my prep day.  I am waiting until this weekend to do that.  I will be preping my veggies, making bread and pizza dough and cooking large batches of meat and chicken on my prep day.

In the meantime, here is a list of the meals that I will be making:

Stromboli (2)

Chicken Mix (2)

All Purpose Meat Mix (2)

Chicken Nuggets (2)

Burrito Pie (2)

Meatloaf and meatballs (2)

Beef and Rice (2)

Cheeseburger Roll Up (2)

Chicken Bombay (2)

Alfredo Manicotti (2)

Hungarian Stew (I am making this now because of my cooking club this week)

I will also post my month of menus that I filled out so that we don’t have two of the same thing every week.  I asked my husband what some of his favorite recipes were and what he wouldn’t mind having twice a month and that is how I came up with this list.  As you know, you can make several different meals from the Meat mix and the Chicken mix as well.

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