Ah, I am almost done with my summer OAMC.  There were just a few things we didn’t get done today (one was because my friend left her recipe at home).  I also wanted to do a few things on my own.

Here was my original list:

Master Mexican Mix – with this mix you can make enchiladas, tostadas, tacos or burritos and empanadas


Chicken Bombay

Alfredo Manicotti (need to use up some Ricotta Cheese)

Tuna Casserole

Brown Sugar Chicken

Frozen Homemade Pizza

English Muffin pizzas

Honey glazed Dump chicken

Best Grilled pork chops

Eric’s Easy Grilled Chicken

Perfect marinade for grilled steaks

Salmon patties

Salmon and brown rice bake


Chocolate Chip Cookies

I changed the Pork Chops to Teriyaki  Pork Chops.  I did Alfredo Manicotti and one Alfredo lasagna because I had half a box of each.  I did 26 English muffin pizzas.  We each did 2 of every meal except for pizza, we did 4 each of pizza.

It was a tiring day especially since there were 5 kids under 4, but we did get a lot done!