wfmwbannerkristenSurprisingly, a lot has been working for me lately.  My cleaning schedule has been working  well.

My son has been doing really well with his chores using our chore system.  There are days when he does NOT want to do his chores, but he does do them.

My freezer meals are working for me.

I am feeling really thankful that I am finally learning how to “do it all” – no, I don’t have it down perfectly, but I am feeling 100% less stressed and I feel so much more at peace during the day.  Do you want to know my secret (I am sure  you do) – I  . . . stay home.  I mean I really stay at home.  This is actually kind of big for me.

I don’t leave the house unless most all of my daily cleaning is done.  I really am picky now about what commitments I make outside of the home.  I try to only plan ONE outing a week for me and the kids.   My husband played a big part in helping me prioritize.  I used to try to do everything and go everywhere and then nothing at home would really be done.

I used to be the one who was known as never wanting to be at home.  I always wanted to be on the go.   There are days when the vacuuming might not get done or something may have to wait until tomorrow, but staying at home and having a plan for your day helps tremendously.

What about you?  What have you done that helps your life at home?  I am always up for new tips and tricks.

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