You can see my meals here.  Also, just a reminder that we bought a bunch of beef a few weeks back so I have that to use also so we will do some steaks and roasts on other days as well.  And I did spend $64.41 at Sam’s Club.  This is just for all of my monthly meals.  Of course I will be buying eggs, milk, fruits and veggies weekly so it is not like I am spending $64.41 for my ENTIRE month of groceries just my month of main meals.  For some reason I have 5 weeks of meals this time.

You can check out Once A Month Mom for more menus and grocery lists and all kinds of interesting tips also.  My menus really are tailored for my family, but I am happy to share them if it helps you all try this style of cooking.

If you are afraid to do too much, just plan a mini session and do about 5 meals that you know your family will like such as lasagna or spaghetti.

Prep Day:

Thaw meat for meatloaf and Salisbury steak.

Thaw and pound chicken for Panko Chicken and Chicken Fried Chicken

Thaw chicken for empanadas and cut into pieces

Grate cheese

Make homemade onion soup mix

Make dough for pizza pockets

Make tortillas for enchiladas

Mix enchilada filling and refrigerate

Assembly Day:

Start Emperor’s Chicken in crock pot

Assemble enchiladas and freeze

Assemble empanadas, bake and freeze

Assemble pizza pockets, bake and freeze

Assemble macaroni and cheese and freeze

Assemble and pan fry Panko chicken, chicken fried chicken and Salisbury steak

Assemble meatloaf and freeze

Assemble Dump, Jerk and Bombay chicken and freeze

Cool Emperor’s Chicken and freeze


Monthly list of menus:

Week 1:

Chicken Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy

Meatloaf, baked potatoes, sauteed broccoli

Pizza Pockets, green beans

Salisbury steak, Mac N Cheese and salad

Leftovers, homemade pizza or eat out

Freezer meal from cooking club

Week 2:

Honey Glazed Dump chicken, baked ranch potatoes and salad

Marinated steak from freezer, mac n cheese and broccoli

Chicken Bombay (usually do in crock pot), rice and peas

Freezer meal from cooking club

Leftovers, homemade pizza or eat out

Chicken empanadas, Spanish rice and salad

Week 3:

Meatloaf, black-eyed peas and green beans

Grilled jerk chicken and broccoli

Chicken enchiladas and corn

Emporer’s chicken and rice

Leftovers, homemade pizza or eat out

Honey glazed chicken on the grill and grilled veggies

Week 4:

Salisbury steak, baked potato and green beans

Freezer meal from cooking club

Chicken empanadas, Spanish rice and salad

Panko Chicken and salad and maybe some sort of potato or mac n cheese

Leftovers, homemade pizza or eat out

Pizza pockets and salad

Week 5:

Grilled Jerk Chicken and salad

Chicken Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn

Emperer’s chicken and rice

Chicken enchiladas

Leftovers, homemade pizza or eat out

Panko chicken and baked potatoes

Yes, lots and lots of chicken this month.  I suppose I need to incorporate fish at some point in my life but it is not my favorite.  Although I should do some salmon patties.  I will try to do that next month.  Good thing my husband likes chicken!

For more kitchen tips and recipes please check out Kitchen Tip Tuesday at Tammy’s recipes and Tempt My Tummy Tuesday at Blessed with Grace.