If you want to see my list of meals go here.  Below is my list of Monthly meals:

Week 1 –

Fun buns, homemade fries and salad

Meatloaf Cubed Steak in crock pot, scalloped potatoes, broccoli

Teriyaki pork chops, Almond rice and green beans

Chicken Bombay Empanadas, rice and peas

Homemade pizza and salad

Moroccan Chicken, rice and grilled veggies

Week 2 –

Beef Noodle bake and green beans

Bean and Cheese Burritos, rice  and corn

Burrito Pie, Spanish rice and corn Cooking Club Meal

Marinated steak, baked ranch potatoes and corn

Homemade pizza and salad

Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and salad (using cooked and frozen chicken and then just make the Alfredo sauce and cook the noodles)

Week 3 –

Fun buns, homemade fries and corn

Moroccan chicken, rice and grilled veggies

Meatloaf Cubed Steak in crock pot, mashed potatoes and broccoli

Garlic butter chicken pasta (using cooked and frozen chicken) and broccoli

Homemade pizza and salad

Chicken Bombay, rice and peas Cooking Club Meal

Week 4 –

Hamburgers on the grill, homemade fries and salad

Burrito Pie Empanadas and Spanish rice

Marinated Steak, baked ranch potatoes and salad

Chicken enchiladas Bean and Cheese Burritos, Spanish rice and corn

Homemade pizza and salad

Beef Noodle Bake and green beans

**I only plan 5 or 6 meals a week.  One day we will have leftovers.  We may go out to eat.  On Sunday’s we will do a crock pot meal with some roasts that we have in the freezer.

Here is my Prep and Assembly Day plan:

Prep Day

Cook ground beef in crock pot

Cook and chop chicken

Shred Cheese

Make pie crusts in food processor

Make and refrigerate oaties and cookie doughs

Prepare filling for burritos

Fix chicken empanadas filling

Make tortillas

Mix fun bun hamburger mix

mix beef noodle bake filling

Put breakfast casserole together and refrigerate

Cook bacon

Make English muffins in bread maker

Assembly Day:

Bake breakfast casserole in oven

Assemble noodle, bake and freeze

Bake oaties in oven

Mix meatloaf and freeze

Layer burrito pie and freeze

Assemble and bake burritos

Assemble chicken enchiladas

Assemble chicken Bombay and freeze

Assemble and bake empanadas

Assemble and freeze Moroccan chicken

Cook and freeze rice

Assemble fun buns and freeze

Assemble and freeze pork chops

Bake eggs and then assemble breakfast sandwiches

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