This week my friend and I are going to be doing OAMC together.  Below are the meals we are going to make:

Master Mexican Mix – with this mix you can make enchiladas, tostadas, tacos or burritos and empanadas


Chicken Bombay

Alfredo Manicotti (need to use up some Ricotta Cheese)

Tuna Casserole

Brown Sugar Chicken

Frozen Homemade Pizza

English Muffin pizzas

Honey glazed Dump chicken

Best Grilled pork chops

Eric’s Easy Grilled Chicken

Perfect marinade for grilled steaks

Salmon patties

Salmon and brown rice bake


Chocolate Chip Cookies

As for this week’s menu we will be having:

Leftovers from my son’s birthday party

Cooking club grilling meal, veggies

Cooking club grilling meal and salad

Chicken tacos, corn and refried beans

Fettuccine alfredo and salad and Italian cheese bread

Homemade pizza

To see what is on other’s menus this week, please visit