Don’t you love it when you hear the studies done by those “experts” who say children with divorced parents are mostly well adjusted and will be just fine and won’t really be affected by their parents’ divorce.   HA!  Divorce affects children for a long, long time.  I don’t know when it does not affect them.  You would think it might stop affecting them when they become adults, but it is only a whole new set of problems and ESPECIALLY when they have children.  I thought I had to go to several places for Christmas when I was young – usually at least 2 on Christmas Eve and 3 on Christmas day and now that I have children it is 5 days of Christmas.  Not only that but two birthday parties (which I refuse now to do).

So I am saying this to say if you think divorce only affects the husband and wife – you ARE SO WRONG!  So think long and hard before you decide to mess up the lives of your children and grandchildren.  Having two parents who stay together and actually love each other is THE BEST thing you can ever do for your children!

I am saying this as a child of divorce.  This really isn’t meant to beat up on divorced people, but if you have children and are contemplating divorce I just beg you to think about the life long impact it will have on your children.