I have something that I feel the need to confess.  Here goes,  I . . . am . . . not . . . crafty.  There I said it.  I feel better.  So my poor children have had years upon years of doing virtually nothing crafty except at church.  We have colored and we have done a little play dough but that is really almost the extent of it.  Although, we did make flubber (last year).  As with just about every aspect of my life, I find that if I do not have a plan things will not happen.  So I am in the process of putting together an activity binder so that I will have lots of crafty ideas at my fingertips.

I know it is so pathetic right?  I mean crafty people seem to grab some duck tape and bird feathers and make some kind of beautiful collage that you can hang in an art gallery.  So for the sake of my poor craftless children, I am getting out the finger paints and  the glue and some stickers and various other crafty items.

Water Play

We did do some painting this week:

And then we made a vinegar and baking soda volcano minus the volcano:

At least we did some crafty things.  I will be honest – being crafty makes me very, very tired.  I think it is a lot of work this craftiness.  Someone please give me some tips on how to be crafty without being tired.  In the meantime, I hope to put more things in my activity binder and maybe I will share them on here if anyone is interested.