One of my duties as a wife and a mother is taking care of our home (controversial as that is).  If this is your responsibility as well, you know how mundane folding the laundry and cleaning the toilets can be.    This is why I try my best to have a good mindset when I am doing these chores.  I definitely like for my house to be clean although it is a constant battle to keep it that way.

There is also an important lesson that I am learning have learned over the last ten years of marriage and that is how to best serve my husband.  I grew up here in the Hoosier state, but my grandparents came from that great state of Tennessee.  Those Tennessee women know how to serve.  As I grew up I watched the women always being busy in the kitchen serving the men and then the children and then themselves last.  My grandpa worked second shift for many years so my grandma did not cook a regular supper, but about an hour before my grandpa got home (he got home at mindnight) she would put together a spread like no other.  She would have some kind of meat, potatoes, vegetables, beans and bread (usually a hoe cake).  She would have it warmed and on a TV tray so that when my grandpa came in from work all he had to do was take his shoes off, wash his hands and sit down to a nice warm meal.

My grandpa eating one of my grandmother's fabulous meals

I saw this all of my life so it just became second nature to me, but somehow when I got married I kind of forgot about this.  Then three years after my marriage, I moved in with my grandparents when my husband had to go overseas for military duty.  I was there without my husband for 11 months or so and I may have forgotten exactly how to be a wife.

When my husband came back my grandpa was all over me to serve my husband.  He would say to me, “Get in the kitchen and fix your husband something to eat.”  This happened quite a bit.  Now my grandpa was an awesome man.  So him telling me that was not a bad thing, it was just what he thought you should be doing.

I am not saying that now I am perfect and my husband comes home to a five course meal every day, but I do make an effort to at least have the house picked up when my husband comes home.  I do offer to give him a back rub when he has had a hard day.  I try to fix him a cold drink and take it to him when he comes home from work.  I pack his lunch for work everyday.

Am I tired?  Yes, I am tired.  I have been on my feet all day.  I have changed diapers, made breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaned all of that up and done a hundred other things during the day.  And right now I stay up late (really late) waiting on my husband to get home so I can see him and then I get up pretty early because my kids get up early.  I do this for my husband.

And in serving him I am serving the Lord.

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men,  Colossians 3:23

I am telling you this so that you may also think differently about serving your husband (or your children or any one else around you).  Remember that what you are doing is ultimately for the Lord.