I do talk an awful lot about cooking and baking because I enjoy cooking and baking.  There is another aspect of my job as a keeper of my home that I may not enjoy as well, but needs to be done just as badly and that is cleaning.  When I worked, I had an excuse to have a house that was not always clean.  Last year, I had a cleaning system and it worked but I felt like I was always cleaning.  Now I have a new cleaning system and it works much better (mainly when I actually do it).

The key is to have a routine – write it down and then it is already done for you.  You do not have to think about it.   This post about creating effective routines is a good one to read.  Something else to think about is that it is much easier to clean when your house is decluttered.  And while my house is mostly decluttered, it is a constant process to keep it decluttered.

My new routine consists of:

Monday – Dusting; finishing up laundry

Tuesday – Clean and vacuum floors; clean mirrors

Wednesday – Clean kitchen/dining room; wipe down laundry room

Thursday – Clean bathrooms

Friday – free!  Well, I need to finish up laundry, clean the car out and other small things

Keeping a clean house helps us be more able to be hospitable.  It allows us to be open to having people over or to have people stop by or to invite others over who may just need some company.  The real reason for cleaning is service – service to your family, to others and ultimately to God.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many.  Mark 10:45