Have you started your prayer binder?  Are you using it?  This week I thought I might share some things that you could print off and put in your binder.  They are in no particular order.

1.  My first one is praying for the lost.  On whatever day you decide to pray for the salvation of people, you might want to go here and print this off and put it in that section to help you.

2.  Praying for your husband – there are some studies out there and other things to pray for your husband, but Revive Our Hearts has a free PDF for you to print and put in your binder.  You may want to look up the Scripture and print that out as well.  This has 31 days of things to pray for specifically for your husband.

3.  Praying for your pastor – Revive Our Hearts has another free PDF that you can use to pray for your pastor and your pastor’s wife.

4.  Your children Praying for their future mate; 31 Biblical Virtues to pray for your children; Mother’s prayer calendar

5.  How to pray for America

Memorizing Scripture:

Help to get you started

But what if you have a bad memory?

What to memorize – what I used

I hope this helps you in continuing to put your prayer life in order.  The prayer binder is a constant process for me.  I am always adding verses and things to pray about for myself and others.

Let me know how you are doing?  Do you need someone to be accountable to?  I would be happy to help you.  Just leave me a comment and we could be accountable through e-mail.

Pray for me because I have to say all of my over 50 verses word perfect this Friday.  I think I will get some grace though if I don’t – undeserved, but grace just the same.

And my plan for my next verses to memorize is verses from Ginger Plowman’s Wise Words for Moms.  This little pamphlet (it is actually the size of a calendar) is SO helpful.  I highly recommend purchasing it.

Have a great day!