I always want to be a good wife.  I really try to make good  meals and I ALWAYS pack my husband’s lunch (I have to because he can’t leave to get anything).   But there are those days when maybe I didn’t exactly cook a meal.  So on those days I fix my poor, hard working husband a cold lunch meat sandwich (sad, isn’t it?).  And you know what, I would much rather cook a meal then make a sandwich.  I don’t know why this is.  Perhaps it is because you have to get 8 different things out of the fridge and then put them back.  I mean, if I am going to make my husband a sandwich, it should be good right?

Well, after 10 years of marriage, I guess I just now have learned to make a great sandwich.  Last week I made a huge mistake.  I made my husband the aforementioned sandwich and he LOVED it!  He came to me the next day and said, “Gretchen those sandwiches were awesome.  From now on that is the standard.”   So now I have gotten myself into trouble.  From now on if I do not make my sandwiches like the ones I made this week, they will not be good.  They will just be okay, but they will not be The Standard.  So this week, I thought I might just explain to you how to make a sandwich.  Right, I know you know how to make a sandwich, but just humor me.

First, the bread – you will notice my bread is not homemade.  I do make homemade bread, but my husband is VERY picky when it comes to sandwich bread.  He likes homemade bread with meals, but not to be used on his sandwiches.  So you may use homemade or store bought – I will not judge.

Next, the meat – this is pretty important – usually my husband prefers roast beef, but this week I got an all natural brand so we went with turkey.  Now you don’t just plop a piece down.  I like to use 3 pieces (I don’t know why) and I like to stagger them kind of (sorry about the picture quality):

The “extras” – here is the key components to a good sandwich.  I usually have cooked bacon of some form in my fridge or freezer and you just can never go wrong adding bacon to any sandwich.  I used turkey bacon here but you may use whatever you have.  I do try to make sure the bacon is crispy.  I do not want to eat limp, wimpy bacon.  Next, we have some red onions.  And here is where it gets tricky.  I do not want my husband to have to eat a soggy sandwich so, I, uh, I sort of get as much of the juice off of the pickles as I can before I put them on the sandwich.  You will notice them on the paper towel.

The mayo – it is a must on my husband’s sandwiches.  I dislike mayo so I cannot comment on what brand you should use.  I don’t know the difference between mayo and salad dressing.  I just don’t care that much.

The wet spots are the pickle juice.  And because I just wanted to, here is how I packaged my husband’s sandwich:

I love that husband of mine so making him a good sandwich is the least I can do for him.  He does so much for me!

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