Wow, what a wonderful Easter.  I will be sharing more about it this week.  As for my freezer cooking for my 2 month menu plan, it will be happening this Thursday.  I finally secured some babysitting.  Usually I do it with my kids here and I try to do a lot during naps and so forth, but that is never easy.  I finally did a pantry and freezer inventory so I will be using up meals for the rest of the week to make room for the new stuff!  And I plan to get back to Sunday Dinners this coming week.  I have already invited a few family members over.


Teriyaki Pork Chops, brown rice and spinach salad

Cheddar Brats and roasted ranch potatoes

Veggie Soup (maybe on one of the rainy days)

BBQ Beef and Beans on baked potatoes or as sandwiches, spinach salad

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hamburgers and homemade french fries

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