As promised below are the instructions for my Prep Day and my Assembly Day for my freezer cooking.  You may see the actual menu plan here.  Do with it what you will!

Prep Day for summer plan:

Breakfasts:  Mix sourdough pancakes and muffins and leave in a bowl to ferment overnight.  Assemble baked oatmeal to cook in the morning.  Cook bacon.

Lunches and Dinners:

Grill chicken for – sesame chicken (strips) (3 large); chicken sandwiches (4);

Cook chicken for – sweet and sour chicken (cubed); chicken and spinach penne (1 cup); chicken fried rice

Cook beef for – sloppy joes (2 lbs.); tacos and taco braid (4 lbs.); crock pot ragout

Cook bacon for – chicken sandwiches (6)

Rice for – sweet and sour chicken (1); chicken taco casserole; chicken Bombay; sesame chicken; sweet and sour chicken; pacific chicken; beef and broccoli stir fry; pacific chicken; chicken fried rice

Vegetables – stir fry veggie take out:

Carrots – thinly sliced

Broccoli florets –

Celery – thinly sliced; 1 c. chopped for roast;

Onion – thinly sliced; chopped for black bean burgers; 1 c. chopped for roast;

Bok choy – chopped;

Snow peas

Bread cubes for mini meatloafs

Black beans – southwest chicken salad (one bag); 30 oz. for black bean burgers; CP chicken w/ black beans – 15 oz.;

Mix lasagna/manicotti filling and refrigerate

Make dough for taco braid (2)

Make tortillas for tacos, quesadillas, breakfast quesadillas

Thaw ground beef for mini meatloaves (3 lbs)

Make refried beans – vegetarian tostadas; chicken taco casserole;

Assembly day:

  1. Assemble muffins and bake, cool, label freeze.
  2. Bake “baked oatmeal” cool, cut into squares, label, freeze
  3. Cook eggs and assemble quesadillas and freeze


  1. Chicken Bombay
  2. Eric’s Easy Grilled Chicken
  3. Teriyaki Pork Chops
  4. Honey Glazed Dump chicken
  5. Pot Roast Marinade
  6. Best Grilled Pork Chops
  7. Sesame Chicken
  8. Zesty Slow cooker BBQ chicken
  9. Pacific Chicken
  10. Perfect marinade for steaks
  11. Bacon and Cheese Chicken in the Crock pot

Assemble and/or cook:

  1. Crock Pot Black bean, salsa and Chicken, cool, label, freeze.
  2. Form patties for black bean burgers – cook, cool, label and freeze *Double for lunches
  3. Assemble bacon, chicken sandwiches, label and freeze
  4. Freeze chicken, black beans in separate baggies for southwest chicken salad – label and freeze
  5. Assemble mini meatloaves and bake, cool, label and freeze. *double for lunches
  6. Sweet and sour chicken – combine wet mix, chicken and veggies and pour into separate quart freezer bags; label and freeze in one gallon size bag with a quart size rice bag.
  7. Assemble pepperoni roll ups; manicotti and flash freeze, then label
  8. Assemble and cook sloppy joes (triple for extra dinner and lunches), cool, label and freeze
  9. Assemble and flash freeze chicken taco casserole, label and freeze
  10. Make and bake taco braid (2), flash freeze, label
  11. Cook chicken fried rice on stove top, cool, label and freeze for lunches!
  12. Cook sourdough pancakes, flash freeze, label and freeze
  13. Make ground beef into taco meat – label and freeze for tacos; Make taco braid and bake, cool, label and freeze