My cousin came over with her two girls.  Both of our husbands are on second shift so we decided to have a tortilla making party – and boy was it a party.  The recipe was from here if you are interested.  We used my food processor to mix up the dough and then we used my electric tortilla maker to make the tortillas.  Yes, you heard that right I have an electric tortilla maker, doesn’t everyone?  Ha, I know I am insane but you can ask my cousin – the electric tortilla maker makes very quick work of tortilla making.  Isn’t she so cute?

While we were making the tortillas some of our younger children were outside playing in the back yard.  I realized I had neglected to check on my children in a while when my cousin’s daughter came in and said, “Isaac just got the pool out from behind the shed and turned the hose on and Makenna took all her close off.”

Yep, and it was about 55 degrees out too.

Well, when we finally finished the tortillas we settled everyone down for a movie.  They look thrilled don’t they?

And Caleb about jumped out of my cousin’s arms:

We had so much fun!  Thanks for coming girls!