First you should go check out this post:

Lindsay has a great post on Creating a Home Planning Binder.  It is really interesting and I highly recommend reading it.

I also would like to share with you some of my favorite blogs I like to read.

Keeping It Simple – She has several good recipes and her blog is just a wonderful encouraging blog to women out there.

Mom’s Frugal is a great blog as well.  She has lots of good recipes that I enjoy.  She also cooks with mostly whole grain and natural ingredients.

Heavenly Homemakers is also an encouraging blog and she has great recipes as well.  She teaches you how to make the transition to whole foods with her “Getting Real with Food” series.

Home Joys is another blog I enjoy.  She has a whole series on baking all kinds of breads.  She has lots of good recipes as well and talks a lot about gardening.

These are just a few of blogs that I enjoy reading on a daily basis.  I just wanted to introduce you to them in case you have not stumbled upon them yet.  I will try to share more read-worthy blogs next week.