For my niece’s 8th birthday I bought her this book:

Then I made her some “coupons” that were good for “one cooking session with Aunt Gretchen” and then I dated them.  I gave her coupons good until at least May.

Last week we had our first session.  We decided to make a giant heart shaped cookie since her mom gave her a heart shaped cookie pan and decorating kit for Valentine’s Day.

I started by having her read the entire recipe.

Then we started with the recipe.  The neat thing about this book is that the ingredients also have pictures. We started by measuring out the flour in a separate bowl.

Next we added the salt and baking soda.  I had her do it all herself.

Then we started mixing the butter and sugars.  She loved using the mixer.

She thought the dough looked “gross”.

Then she spread the dough into the pan (after we added chocolate chips of course).

And here they all are staring at the wonderful creation.

Now onto the icing.  I think my daughter just kept eating it.

She let my daughter help her.  It was pretty sweet.

The finished product.  She did such a great job.  We all had fun.  Although my mom said that the cookie was sweet enough to put us all into a diabetic coma.

For next week – we will be making spaghetti – and no the sauce is not from a jar.