I love my husband.  He is wonderful in so many ways.  But he has a few quirks.  I mean, really, don’t we all?  I have to tell you about one of them.  My husband does not really like stuff and he is very simple really, but there are a few things that he loves and that he seems to not be able to get enough of.  One of those things are lunch boxes or small coolers.  He keeps buying them and he keeps thinking each is a perfect one.  But, alas, he finds flaws in all of them.  That is until he found the Mother of All Lunchboxes.  He had researched this online and then he found it in a store and he HAD TO HAVE IT.  I can tell you that when he brought this thing home we already had 7 lunchbox things in our garage.  You must know that my husband takes his lunch to work because he cannot leave to get his lunch. So he packs a lot of stuff in that lunch box.

I bet you are dying to see a picture of it aren’t you?  No, well I am showing you anyway.

And just so you can see how big this thing really is, let me put it into perspective for you: