Yes, this is what I call Caleb.  It is a rather long name.  I mean I could just call him Caleb, but I never ever ever call my children by their real names.  I mean I do sometimes call Makenna – Kenna – which is close to her real name but we usually call her Sissy or my husband sometimes calls her Monkey Head to which she replies, “I not Monkey Head; I Sissy.”  See she even calls herself sissy.   Sometimes I call Isaac – Bugger Butt.  Yes I know that is gross and yucky but sometimes it just seems appropriate.

Oh nap hair, how lovely art thou

Moving on, I thought you all were just sick to death of menus and recipes and freezers and blah, blah, blah so I am going to share some pictures of my Bubber Boozie Woozie Coozie Hoozie.  He is 7 months old now you know.  And he is by far my fastest baby ever.  Not only that, but the child has 2 teeth!  I know this may not seem shocking but both of my other children did not get teeth until around their first birthday so imagine my complete surprise when I stuck my finger in Caleb’s mouth and found his little teefers.  He is so sweet and good natured.  He loves to stick his tongue out and make funny noises and laugh and eat (and eat and eat and eat and eat).  He gets very upset if I don’t shovel food in his mouth constantly (we must be related).

Doesn't it look like he is a ventriloquist?

As you see in the photos above, he is sitting up on his own, but we had a slight leaning problem but he was quickly saved by the photogpraher’s mommy’s quick hand action and now he is back up and running.

His sister will not stop trying to change his diaper.

I decided to try to play with some settings on my camera.  Don’t you love the blue?

And big brother had to get in on the act.  My poor children are so pale.  I blame it on their father.

So there you have it – Mr. Bubber Boozie Woozie Coozie Hoozie – 7 months old and absolutely wonderfully chubby and adorable (so I am biased, whatever).