I am still thinking about going private.  I keep thinking I need to do some things and reorganize this blog but I am discovering that it just will never get done because it is low on my priority list and I will just have to do it as I get time.

In the mean time, I want to introduce you to my newest best friend.  Do you remember my old best friend?  Well, we are still very good friends, but I must introduce you to Alice.  I have been wanting to try Alice.com since I saw a review on Money Saving Mom.  You see I am all about sitting at home shopping and having someone deliver things to me (since I loathe shopping with 3 children).  So last night I tried Alice.com.  You get a $10 credit for signing up and you may use it when you make a $50 order.  They also have automatic coupons.  So my order was around $52 and with coupons and my $10 discount I paid $38.

My son uses soy formula which is kind of expensive and it is actually $2 cheaper on Alice than anywhere else I have found it.  So I ordered it and rice cereal and baby food and a few other household items.  Shipping is always free and I am suppose to get my items in one to two business days.

If you would like to sign up, go here.  It is free to sign up and you can explore it without buying anything.

Let me know what you think!