I am trying to keep this post light, but really just that we are alive and well today pretty much constitutes a good day.  Especially in light of so many who have lost their lives in Haiti.  For ways to help, please visit here and see what ways you can give.  My cousin also post some ways to help.

And doesn’t my title just make you want to sing this:

If you know the song, towards the end he says,

I might even grow me a fu manchu

Yes, that is my husband.  He had a beard and wanted to shave it but thought he might do something a little goofy first.  Like it?  I personally thought he looked like a truck driver (no offense to any truck drivers).

But really the suffering is great.  The need is unreal.  But our God is all powerful.  So pray and then pray some more and then pray again.  And as I stated in my previous post – put your life into perspective.  I think we can agree it is a great day to be alive.