I know I link to this blog often, but the content is just so good.  Please, please, please visit Passionate Homemaking and read her “Establishing a Morning Routine” post.  It is exactly what I needed to hear because I am still struggling with routine 6 months after my baby is born.  A big problem we have is that my husband switches shifts every month and I like to see him so I tend to stay up late when he is on second and third shift.

There was also a link to an awesome ebook – Maximize your Mornings by Kat.  You may find her blog here.  The ebook is FREE!  So download a copy.  It is a very quick and informative read.

I really love a warm bed.  I am consistenly thankful for one.  It is very difficult for me to get out of one as well.  This ebook will help you come up with a plan to maximize your mornings.

I have to also throw out another great idea that I got from reading my friend Lindsey’s blog.  She keeps a Thankfulness Journal.  She has for years.  Read more about it here.  She has given me the idea to keep one myself and also to start one for my kids and ask them each night to list a few things they are thankful for.  Wouldn’t this be a great Christmas gift for your child each year too?  Thank you Lindsey for the inspiration.

Because I feel so lacking in inspiration lately, I am loving that I can read other’s blogs.  Do you have any blog posts or ideas that have inspired you lately?