My husband thinks that blogs are largely narcissistic.  I have to agree somewhat.  I try not to be narcissistic.  What I would like to get across about the things I do and blog about is that if I can do these things – trust me – anyone can do them.  Having said that, the projects below are some of the things that I made for my family for Christmas.  See if I can do it, you can do it!

Here is a chapstick cozy that I made for my sister (I actually have made one for myself and my aunt but we already have our’s).

I know it doesn’t seem very exciting, but since I have been carrying mine on my key chain I wonder how I ever lived without it.  I love it since I cannot be without my lip balm.  I have at least 10 hidden all over the house so I can always find one (except that I can’t always find one).  I love it.

I made my favorite MIL my favorite apron  – the Emmeline Apron.

I made my SIL some owl pajama pants (she likes owls):

I made a few people some purse organizers.  I made myself one and I do like it and I really do use it in my own purse:

I made my stepmom and my mamaw a crotchet hook holder and bag:

And I made my daughter a kitchen mat and various other felt foods:

I had about 7,000 other projects I wanted to do, but I had to cut it off somewhere.  Now, please share with me what things that you made for Christmas.  I would love to know.  I have also decided that this year, I am going to make a present a month so I am not starting my projects on December 14, 2010.