This is Jordy, my nephew.  Jordy (Jordan) is one of the cutest, sweetest little guys you could ever meet.  He also has some hilarious habits.  He definitely is a rough and tumble boy.  He loves to wrestle with my son and fish with his dad and be outside all the time.

But there is another side to Jordan.  We will call it the clean side.  I love having Jordan over because he cleans for me.  He loves cleaning supplies and dusters.  My dad and stepmom kept Jordy overnight and they wanted to take him to get a toy.  So they asked him what he wanted – GUESS what he said (you won’t believe it) – he wanted a duster.  And when they got to the duster aisle my stepmom said he stared in amazement at the many colored dusters.  He said, “Wow, Grandma T which one should I pick?”.   Yes, that is our little Jordy.  I do have to say that my stepmom said that my brother (Jordy’s dad) always liked to help her clean when he was little so I guess he comes by it honestly.

So the picture above, that is what Jordy got for Christmas.  He got a cleaning caddy with cleaning supplies.  And he had to take them everywhere he went.  Seriously.

Jordy also loves office supplies.  So another gift he got was a dry erase board and post it notes.  Seriously.  He loved it!

There is also another love that Jordy has – garden hoses.  He loves them.  He is obsessed with them.  This summer my dad bought him 3 different ones and he actually slept with them.  The boy cracks me up.

I just had to share a little bit of Jordy with you because he always brings a smile to my face.