Christmas this year was somehow the most wonderful one yet.  I don’t know if it was because my children are getting to the very fun ages.  This year my husband and I actually woke up before our kids (I kept them up late the night before).  So my husband told me to get the video camera and so I did and then we woke up our son.  I should explain that we do allow the children to believe in Santa.  I know there are many people who don’t and I respect their decisions not to so hopefully they will also respect my decision to allow my children to believe for a few years.

I did not put one present under the tree until about 1 am Christmas Eve.  For two reasons, one – Santa and the other, because my daughter would unwrap them all as she did with her birthday presents.  Anyway, we woke my son up and the expression on his face was one I will always remember.  It was such excitement.  It was so so so so sweet.  I loved it.  I soaked up every minute of it.  My husband “Santa” left some cookie crumbs and a bite out of one cookie.  He pointed it out to my son and my son said Santa must have gotten hungy because he ate some of our cookies.  It was so fun!

And I ran out of wrapping paper so I wrapped one of my son’s gifts with some streamers.  It was so funny watching him open it that I was thinking of doing that every year to at least one gift.

And here is my daughter and her loot.  Poor child, she got lots of homemade things.

And we didn’t even wake Caleb up for Christmas.  We didn’t get him anything either.  I don’t think he will care for at least another year or so.