Today was a wonderful Christmas.  I just keep realizing how incredibly blessed I am.   We had the best Christmas – last weekend with my in-laws and today with my family.  And we still have more to go with my mom’s next week.  I just wanted to share some cute pictures with you.

My MIL in the apron I made her. Isn't she cute?

My hilarious husband - he loves those flashlights. No he is not a coal miner.

Could you just not eat him up? He makes my heart melt.

Our sweet little princess (who HATED wearing that dress)

Poor Caleb - he is in Makenna's baby's pack n play

Couldn't leave my big man out - Isaac hiding under the bed

The family

Do you see why I feel so blessed?   God is good.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you were able to share it with family.