Now I know the title sounds scary – The Kitchen.  It isn’t the whole kitchen.  I am asking you to pick one thing – your spice drawer or your cabinet where you keep your Tupperware.  You know you have that scary Tupperware cabinet.  I am not asking you to go out and buy new things.  You don’t have to do that.  I did.  I got rid of all of my plastic ware.  I wanted to get glass but my husband said he would break it at work and since I pack all of his lunches and he is the one that uses the plastic ware I did not buy glass.

Here is a before and after of my plastic ware:


Here is what I did.  I took everything out.  I kept a few things and then I did buy those lock lid Rubbermaid things.  I wanted the lids to fit together.  I was tired of all of the mish mash.  I did invest a little less than $20.  There is a few ways to keep your plastic ware.  A book I read suggested that you put all of the lids onto the proper container.  If it doesn’t have a lid – get rid of it.  Then you may store them like that although that does take up more room.  If you don’t want to store them that way take a plastic container and put all of your lids in there.  You are still going to have to search for a lid but at least the lids will all be in one place.

Now onto the spices:


In the plastic container is where I keep any mixes in a pouch that I might have.  I do try to make my own, but I am not superwoman.  I also wanted to label the lids of the spices but I just ran out of labels for my labelmaker so I will be doing this soon.  Some of my spices already come with their lids labeled.  As you can tell I moved them from a cabinet to a drawer and this has worked SO much better for me.

So your assignment this week is to tackle one thing – a drawer or a shelf in your kitchen.  Take everything out and reorganize or throw away or better yet – give away!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you do or if you have a post with pictures I will link it to this post.

Happy Monday!

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