You probably thought I was going to talk about exercise didn’t you?  Well, I guess I am talking about a different kind of exercise.  Move your Butt Monday is something my cousin and I are going to be taking turns hosting.  We are doing this mostly to get ourselves motivated, but you are welcome to join us in tackling things that need to be done around your house.  We liked the “Make your Home a Haven” idea but no one seems to be doing it so we decided to.  Of course “Make your Home a Haven” is such a nice and polite title, but my cousin is a little more crass than I (right Amee) so she titled it “Move your Butt Monday” and really it does make you want to get up and do something right?

First of all, head on over to her blog and she will give you very good instructions on how to get started.  Today we are working on cleaning up our fridge.

After much sickness this weekend I feel like I need to clean everything so why not start with the the fridge:


Blog 001Blog 002

And After:

Blog 003Blog 004

Looks a little empty now doesn’t it?  I still need to tackle the top of the fridge where we keep our snacks, but I need to go get a few baskets for that this week.

Don’t forget to head over to Klutzymama’s blog and see what she did.  We will be doing this every Monday.  We are going to keep thing simple.  Also, we are not doing a Mr. Linky but we will add your’s to our post if you leave us a comment.