body pump

So this hasn’t worked for me quite yet.  It worked for me several years (and children) ago.  When I did this class I was in the best shape I had ever been in.  I did this class when I lived in Missouri and when I moved back to Indiana I tried to find one, but there were none close to me for several years.  And then they started popping up but they were at expensive clubs and I did not want to pay that much a month to join a gym for a class (although it is almost worth it).

I think you may know I am not an exercise fan.  Like a lot of people I don’t LOVE to exercise, but I LOVE this class.  I guess I should also say that I don’t really like aerobic classes either.  I HATE step classes (sorry Debby).  This isn’t really like aerobics.  It is a total body weight training class.  It works your whole body in an hour.

I found this class at a gym I just joined.  It is at a church so the membership is REALLY cheap and the class is wonderful because they have a short devotional and prayer before class.  I really like it.  Now, we will have to wait for the results to see if it can get me into shape again after having 3 babies, but I am hopeful.

So the class is called Body Pump and you can find a locator here.

I mean where else can you work out your biceps while listening to Ice, Ice Baby?

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