I am really neglecting this blog aren’t I?   Well I have lots of good excuses reasons.  This week is pretty busy.  So I will put some links of some other blogs that are writing more than I am.

If you would like to do a really good basic doctrine Bible study, I highly recommend this one.  I tend to favor just basic Bible studies.  No fluff, just the Bible and some notes and some questions.

Laura at Heavenly Homemakers put together a free e-book full of preschool activity ideas.  Check it out here.

And you really must read my cousin’s blog (Klutzymama).  She blogged about our Mamaw’s 70th birthday party where there was a pie baking contest.  Unfortunately, I had to miss the fun because I was in Missouri at the time.

And since I love reading birth stories (I know my husband just thinks that is so weird).  You must read this birth story.  She is the daughter-in-law of my Sunday school teachers.   It is a great birth story!

And did you want some recipes that I cooked up this week?  Well, here they are anyway.  I made Hominy Casserole on Monday with a few changes (mmmm, yet another reason to love the south).  I made Chocolate Chip cookies, Banana Bread and Pizza Braid yesterday.  My cousin gave me her banana bread recipe and it totally tastes more like Banana Bread Cake.  It was delicious.  I’m just saying.

Where was I?  Oh that’s right I was no where in particular.  So, I will leave you with my cousin’s banana bread recipe.  Let me think of a name for it because she doesn’t really have one.  Um, let’s see.  I shall call it

Swift’s  Sour Cream Banana Bread

Pre-heat oven to 350
1. spray bread pan
2. cream 1 stick butter & 1 cup sugar
3. add 2 eggs beaten (into butter mixture)
4. Add 1 1/2 cups flour (I usually use white)
5. Add 1 t. salt & 1 t. baking soda & 1 cup smashed banana
6. Add 1/2 cup sour cream & 1 t. vanilla
7. Add 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
Bake 50 min.-1 hour
Check with toothpick
Have a great weekend!