So I am doing a new post, can you believe it?  Did you miss my random ramblings?  We went on vacation to an exotic location – southwest Missouri.  My husband’s family is from there and I used to live there and we were so glad to go back and see everyone.  We had a wonderful time.  Our 3 children traveled very well.  Now do you want to see some pictures?  My baby girl turned 2 while we were there and so we threw her a birthday party.  She was so thrilled to get gifts.   She loved singing Happy Birthday.

Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 073

My mother-in-law pretty much put the whole party together.  We had it outside at a park.  The bees were everywhere.  I have heard there is a shortage of honey bees, but I think they are all congregating at the park we had the party at.  We had sub sandwiches and chips and other things.  I made cupcakes.

Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 093

And in an effort to be real, I attempted to make these cupcake pops and while they tasted delicious, they were not the prettiest things you have ever seen.  But my MIL said as long as they tasted good she didn’t care how they looked.

Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 078

Stop laughing.  Our newest little man slept through the whole party.

Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 079

By the way he is laughing and smiling so much now.  It is so sweet!

Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 094

Doesn’t she look so excited to open that present?  I must tell you this little story.  I had all of her presents wrapped and ready to go the morning of her party.  We were getting ready to go to church first and I was taking a shower and my husband was doing something so the kids were alone in the living room.  My son had been up a while and had not touched the presents.  Well, I came out of the shower and all of the presents had been opened.  Apparently my little girl could not wait.  My older son told my husband that it was Christmas and that “sissy” wanted to open her Christmas presents so he then he felt he had to open his “present” too.

I also was able to meet a fellow blogger.  We met at this park that is also a farm.  Christy lives in the area and she does all of the things that I want to do someday like have chickens and possibly goats.  She also has some very sweet kids one of whom is the same age as my oldest son.  They hit it off pretty well.  They were both energetic little boys.  We had a great time and she even brought me some raspberry bushes to plant.

My MIL also wanted us to have a family picture while we were down there.  So we all met at a park and got our pictures taken.  It was interesting getting the kids to still, but I think it turned out pretty well.

My sister-in-law, brother-in-law and daughter

My sister-in-law, brother-in-law and daughter

My beautiful MIL and my son - aren't they cute?

My beautiful MIL and my son - aren't they cute?

We tried to get all 3 of my kids in one picture and here is what happened:

Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 132Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 133Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 134Makenna's birthday andf Missouri 135

Yes, the baby was fearing for his life.  Don’t worry, no children were harmed in the making of these pictures!

I will try not to be such a stranger around here.