Last year was my first year to can.  This year I have canned green beans and peaches so far.  I have frozen green beans and peaches as well.



I used the instructions from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers and I used my Ball Blue Book of Canning as well.

Peaches, Caleb and Dad's Birthday 024

This next picture is kind of dark:

Peaches and Green beans

Peaches and Green beans

I am hoping to freeze some more peaches and some corn.  I also canned some tomato sauce.

Stuff 008

What a job.  I bought 40 lbs. of tomatoes from a local farmer (at $0.30 a pound) I found on Craig’s list.  I borrowed a friend’s Villaware food mill.  I highly recommend the Villaware Food Mill.

food millAnd then I proceeded to get 5 pints of tomato sauce.  Yes, I know it is not a lot but it takes a LOT of tomatoes to make sauce.  I like mine thick so I boiled it down otherwise I might have gotten more.  I did not use this tutorial for my tomato sauce, but here is a great one with pictures if you are interested.

And tomorrow I plan to can some pears.  I froze some tonight, but I have to buy more jar lids so tomorrow I will can.  I love pear crisp – don’t you?

Yes, I know canning is a lot of work, but it is so satisifying.  I love to do it.  Otherwise, I obviously wouldn’t be doing it, right?  I’m crazy like that.