state fair

I love the fair.  I really love the state fair.  I can tell I am getting old though because tonight I wanted to go see the exhibits in the “barns” rather than ride the rides.  I rode the farris wheel with my 4 year old son and I was really scared at first – how pathetic is that?  I was the girl who rode every scary roller coaster when I was younger.  If they went fast or upside down, I wanted to ride it.  I never thought I would not want to ride rides, but now I am that person.

So really though, we stopped by one of the free entertainment areas and there were about 20 people ranging in age from 10 to 70 CLOGGING to the song Play that Funky Music White Boy.  And they were all wearing tye dye shirts.  Just picture it – just try.

And I know there is an incredible amount of fried food at the fair, but this year they have fried Pepsi.  I am not kidding.  I don’t even know how they do that.  What else can they possibly fry?

We had a fun time and we got free tickets to get in which was a good thing because we spent a ton on food and ride tickets.

How about you, do you go to your state fair?