Salsa 002

Woah baby!  This is my absolute favorite salsa recipe.  I should say that generally I am not of fan of chunky salsa.  I actually prefer no chunks in my salsa.  I like it pureed smoothly – normally, but this salsa is so good that I actually like it chunky.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT.  If you don’t want it so hot that you have to drink 7 gallons of water just to feel relief then only use one jalapeno pepper.  I only used one because according to my friend Eddie, he puts the seeds and everything in there.  And if you know anything about jalepenos then you know the seeds are what are HOT!    When you look at the recipe you will notice the Pico De Gallo seasoning.  I did not have this so I omitted it.  Also, because it was so hot I added about 2 T. of sugar and it seemed to cool it down a little.   I should say the Roma tomatoes were from my garden and everything else I purchased from the grocery store.   Nonetheless, here is his recipe:

Eddie’s Salsa

Medium to Large batch

12 Roma Tomatoes

1 large green bell pepper

1 large onion (Vidalia)

1 bunch of cilantro

Squirt of lemon juice

6 jalapenos

Garlic salt

Salt and pepper

Pico de Gallo seasoning

Cayan pepper

Chop all ingredients.  They used this chopper (and I bought one too).


It makes the chunks uniform.  Wow, it is good, but oh so spicy.  You will notice there are not exact measurements on the spices.  I just put in some and tasted it and added more to my liking.  Give it a try, but just be warned – did I mention that its hot?

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