We celebrated my dad’s birthday this week and my sister made an awesome cake.  She is selling her cakes on the side so if you are in or around Indy let me know if you want to order from her.  She is suppose to be making her own blog soon.  Not only is she talented, but she is also adorable.

Peaches, Caleb and Dad's Birthday 027

My dad loves Whoppers Candy so she made him this Whopper Cake.  It was so good.

Peaches, Caleb and Dad's Birthday 030

We had my dad’s favorite food – hamburgers.  I believe he eats one everyday or at least 5 times a week and he never gets tired of them.  In lieu of presents we gave him money because he is now working on building his own guitar and he wanted to get parts for it.  This is the second one he has made.  He LOVES guitars.  I think he may have at least 15.

Happy Birthday Dad, we love you!

Peaches, Caleb and Dad's Birthday 029