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My cousin, KlutzyMama, is doing a weekly feature.  She is giving out recipes of things that she makes her self (DIY).  Go check it out here.   So she inspired me to do the same.

You all know I like to make things from scratch.  Even though I try not to do much pre-packaged stuff I still could not let go of my Coffeemate coffee creamer.  It is truly yummy.  I must say though I love coffee no matter what so I will also gladly drink it black.  My husband kind of got me hooked on this coffee creamer though.  I have seen several recipes for the homemade version.  I only like the liquid version so that is the one I tried.  My recipe was SUPER simple.

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1 can of evaporated milk (not the same as sweetened condensed)

1-2 tsp. of vanilla extract

I put all of the above ingredients in a glass mason jar and shook it up.  I then just add it to my coffee.  I refrigerate the jar and shake it up every time I am about to use it.  This should last for a couple of weeks in your refrigerator.  This is very close to the Coffeemate although it might not be quite as sweet.  You can play around with other flavors such as adding almond extract or peppermint or adding cinnamon.  I haven’t tried this yet, but I may try it on my next batch.

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