I do not really want to post the following story, but my husband said it would be more interesting than a “canning green beans” story (what, I love canning stories).  Anyway, I was having Bible study with a friend (true story).  My kids were kind of misbehaving (of course they were I was trying to study the Bible and concentrate).   I sent my 4 year old son outside.  Things were pretty quiet for a little while and then it started to rain and I noticed he wasn’t coming in.  I should say that we have a fenced back yard and I let the kids play back there but I check on them periodically.

When my son did not appear at the back door I looked outside and saw him hanging upside down in our baby swing.  We have repeatedly told him not to climb in the baby swing.  Somehow he had climbed in again and fastened himself in and then got himself upside down.  I quickly ran outside and yes, I was laughing the whole way.  When I got to him his face was slightly red, but not really badly red so he hadn’t been upside down for that long.  I didn’t really have time to take a picture so you will just have to use your imagination.  I think that incident has cured him from wanting to climb into the baby swing again.

Kid Pictures 082

Next story:

My husband brought donut holes home for us to have breakfast before church today.  My daughter LOVED them.  She ate 6 and then she ate my son’s 3 when he wasn’t looking.  I cleaned her up.  Then when I went to the bathroom to put on some make up I came out to find powdered sugar all over my daughter’s hands and mouth.  I asked my son what happened.  Then I went into the kitchen and noticed a small chair next to our kitchen island and the donut box was open and there was only 3 left.  Seriously, I think we had 30 to begin with.

Kid Pictures 009

I guess the moral of these stories are that I must be everywhere at all times.   Such is the life of a mom.