I have been searching and searching for a really good 100% whole wheat bread recipe that tasted good and I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT!  I am sure you don’t understand how exciting this is for me because I have tried A LOT of recipes.  Most of these recipes kind of had an after taste.  I know that going 100% whole wheat does take some getting used it.  It isn’t your grocery store whole wheat.  It tastes different.

This recipe is so good.  It is light and fluffy and not dense and oh so yummy.  I do think ingredients are important when making this.  The type of flour you use is very important.  I do not grind my own flour, but I do think that makes the best bread.  For my recipe, I used Bob’s Red Mill white whole wheat flour.  I have some King Arthur’s in my fridge that I am going to try next so we will see if that is as good.  I am sure it will be.  Sorry about the picture, as you can see we already enjoyed almost all of it before I remembered to take the picture.

Ebay and garden 003

So I bet you are thinking, okay now share the recipe.  The recipe is here at the Urban Homemaker.

2 TB honey
2 TB oil
1 1/2 C water (90 – 100F)
1 1/2 tsp Real Salt
3 1/2 C fresh whole wheat flour
2 tsp Dough Enhancer
3 TB Vital Gluten

1 1/2 tsp SAF Instant Yeast

It is very important that you use the Vital Gluten and the dough enhancer.  Do not just omit those.  I made my own dough enhancer from a cookbook.  You can find several recipes floating out there.  Also, I bought my Vital Gluten at Kroger.  You can get it there or at a health food store.

She gives all options as far as bread machine, hand method and mixer method. I used the bread machine method.  She also gives variations that you can use with this bread dough.  I tried the cinnamon pull aparts (homemade monkey bread) and they were so good.  Even my husband liked them (even though he doesn’t love whole wheat stuff).  He thought that next time I should try to put pecans in them.

Now onto my menu plan:

Eric’s Easy Grilled Chicken, sweet corn and a salad

Sour Cream Enchiladas and more sweet corn

Grilled steaks, twice baked potatoes and salad

Homemade pizza

Basil Chicken and Pasta Bake (or as my cousin calls it “Puke on a Plate”)

Leftovers one night

Dinner with my husband one night

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