I don’t remember being this tired after the birth of my other children.  I do remember with my first child, calling my best friend Heather and asking how long the sleepless nights last.  She told me if I could make it four months I would be doing well.  FOUR MONTHS – what!  I could barely make it two weeks.  Have I mentioned I like my sleep?  Well, at about 8 weeks my son was sleeping through the night and I was doing pretty decent.

I don’t even remember what happened with my second child, but I do remember crying at night when everyone else got to go to sleep and I know that when I went to sleep I would soon be interrupted (ah, motherhood).  Of course she eventually slept through the night as well and both my children are very good sleepers (and nappers).

I am at week 4 (over 30 days) of not getting a full nights sleep.   In fact I haven’t slept for more than 3 consecutive hours since June 20th.  I am slightly grouchy.  My poor husband bears the brunt of this, but he has been so helpful.  He really has done a lot.

I haven’t baked anything in so long.  I have barely cooked in several weeks.  I am just too tired.  I am afraid I might put something weird in the recipe so I don’t quite trust myself quite yet.  I have been picking some produce from my garden.  I don’t really even know where I am going with this post.

My husband and I visited a few preschools this week.  At first I was not for my son going to preschool.  I really want to homeschool, but I am keeping an open  mind.  My husband is not sure about homeschooling, but he is also keeping an open mind.  We agreed on a certain preschool and my son will only be going 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours.  We have VBS at church this week so it is kind of a trial run for preschool because I am taking him and dropping him off everyday at 9.

Along with my lack of sleep, my almost 2-year old daughter has been very whiney because she has a double ear infection and she is getting her molars.  She is usually very good natured.

I think my husband has been feeling sorry for me because he did the sweetest thing – he bought me a gift card to a spa.  Oh I loved it!  So tomorrow I am going to a spa and instead of a nice long massage I think I am going to go from brunette to some sort of blond – a dark blond.  If it doesn’t turn out well then I can always blame it on my lack of sleep, right?