So I was thinking of taking a sick day today.  You know when you sometimes don’t feel great and you decide you really want to stay home so you call your work and tell them you are taking a sick day and then you spend the day just relaxing and resting.

Then I remembered, moms do not get sick days.  And I am not the one that is sick, my daughter is.  She is very whiney today and then of course there is the newborn who does need to eat every three hours.  Although my older son is at my dad and stepmom’s so there is a break right there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a stay-at-home mom, but some days it just hits you that you can’t take a sick day and even if you could you wouldn’t want to stay at home to relax (because that is where all the laundry is and the dusting that needs to be done and the bathrooms that need to be cleaned).

Now I’m off to find the chocolate – the next best thing to having a sick day.