sleepYes, thank you, I know “this too shall pass”.  I always forget the truly difficult time of the first 8 weeks of sleep deprivation.  I know it will end and eventually this child too will sleep through the night, but I am a person who loves my sleep.  I don’t need to sleep until 11 or anything, just a simple 8 hours of continuous sleep will do.

I really am trying not to complain because I do have a healthy child and feel very blessed.  I just want to sleep longer than 1-4am.  Someday it will happen and I know it will get better but until then I apologize if I am just a bit grouchy with you or if I look a little glassy-eyed or if I have no memory of a conversation we may have had yesterday.

So good night everyone (everyone but me) sleep tight and to all of the television broadcasters out there – would you please put something else besides infomercials on at 4am?

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