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We have had a lot going on these past two weeks.  We had our third child and my husband and I celebrated our ninth anniversary.  Nine years – I cannot believe we have been married that long.

Caleb birth 019

Not only did I get a great husband when I married Ryan, but I also got fabulous in-laws.  My mother-in-law has come to stay with us after each of our children have been born.  She does laundry, fixes dinner and now watches the older children so that I can concentrate on my newborn.  I am so thankful for such wonderful in-laws who have honestly taught me so much and have been such a wonderful influence in my life.

Kid Pictures 002

My older children love the baby.  My son will wake up and ask where “his baby” is.  My daughter loves to be around him but we have to watch her pretty closely.

Big brother and Little brother

Big brother and Little brother

See what I mean?  We gotta watch her!

See what I mean? We gotta watch her!

Well, I cannot think of anything Finer than Family!

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