T apron and misc 009I made this nursing cover before I had the baby.  I had never used a nursing cover before with my other 2 children.   I was not sure how I would like this cover, but after using it almost everyday for the last week or so I can honestly say that I love it.

I am not a fan of public nursing (for myself, I don’t mind if others do it as long as we don’t get a glimpse of the boobies), but I actually used this cover to nurse at McDonald’s today and it worked so well.  I was completely covered and I could still see the baby.

Also, I (well actually my mother-in-law) washed this cover and it still held its shape.  I did iron it because it was a little wrinkled.  If you can sew at all, I would encourage you to make this cover.  If you know someone that sews maybe you could have them make you one.  It really is a great cover that is worth trying out!  It works for me!

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