I have been doing just a little bit of sewing lately.  I made my wonderful stepmom (T) one of my aprons that I love to make.  She wanted one to match her kitchen colors so my sister went with me and helped me pick out the material.

T apron and misc 001

I think she was happy with it.

I also made a nursing cover for myself and then two more for friends from my church.  We are all do within a week (or 10 days) of each other.  Both of them are probably going to deliver sometime this weekend.  One is due Friday and the other is being induced on Friday – yes, I am jealous.

Anyway, I had never heard of this particular nursing cover until someone told me about it while I was working in our church nursery.  She said they were called Hooter Hiders (don’t google that name).  After getting past the name, I did find an online tutorial that showed you how to make something similar.  I just love free online tutorials.  This was a good one.  So below are the results:

T apron and misc 009

I couldn’t fit all three into the picture.

T apron and misc 010

And you can tell by the next picture that these covers have boning in them that allows you to see the baby as they are nursing.

T apron and misc 012

I am hoping I like this type of cover.  I honestly have never used an “official” nursing cover.  I have only ever used a blanket.  We shall see.