Are you ready for another random post?  As most of you know I am in my ninth month of pregnancy and my acid reflux is not very pretty.  So not only did I decide to have a small cup of coffee this morning, then I had half a cup of orange juice (it sounded so good).  Then I had a free meal coming to me from Qdoba so I decided to get my favorite thing there – three cheese chicken nachos with HOT salsa (only a little).

What is wrong with me?  Do I love to torture myself – yes I do.

And on a completely different note, I am going to complain about coupons again – I went to K-mart to get some diapers.  Mostly I am getting these diapers for my dad and stepmom who are watching my children when I deliver.  I guess I am not really complaining about the deal at K-mart, that went well actually.  It would have been better had I had better Huggies coupons.  Anyway, I had a little list of grocery items I needed and I just couldn’t do the sale  match-ups and coupon stuff tonight so I went to one of my all time favorite places to grocery shop – ALDI.  Guess what?   It took me 35 minutes to get all of my groceries and that is from the time I left my house until I returned to my house – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?   I was pretty excited about that, of course, my husband watched my kids so that explains a lot of it.

And on that note I have another quick story about grocery shopping – shared with permission by my husband.

My husband went major grocery shopping for me last weekend.  I was so tired and I had a pretty detailed list done so he volunteered to go.  It was kind of a long list because we needed to really stock up on necesseties.  I stayed home and watched the kids.  After being gone about an hour, he called me and said, “Gretchen, I have to stop grocery shopping.  I cannot fit one more thing in this cart.”  To which I replied, “Honey, I grocery shop with two children and I seem to fit everything in my cart.”  Then he said, “But I just have to stop.  I can’t get the fruits and vegetables because they just won’t fit in the cart.  So I am going to get in line and come home.”

Well, I didn’t push it because he sounded slightly stressed anyway.  Fast forward about 25 minutes later and he calls me again, this time he is on his way home.

“Gretchen, that was torture.  I can’t believe you do that with two children.  I am making a promise to you – you will never again have to grocery shop with the kids.  I will watch them for you.”

Ding, ding, ding – we have a winner!  Yes, I am so excited that he went on that grocery shopping trip because now I have FREEDOM – at least when it comes to grocery shopping which is why I was able to leave my driveway, grocery shop and then be back in my driveway all within 30 minutes tonight!  Well that and because Aldi’s cashiers are so fast!

Well, this short confessional feels very good.  Thanks for listening reading if anyone made it this far!  Have a great weekend!