My husband and I decided to try Square Foot Gardening this year.  You can see posts here and here from our garden last year if you would like.

We planted green beans:

Sewing and gardening 006

And they are already coming up!  Maybe because we have had SO MUCH rain lately.

Sewing and gardening 007

And here is what they look like today:

Garden and misc 016

We also planted lettuce and broccoli:

Garden and misc 014

And carrots and spinach:

Garden and misc 015

My husband likes to experiment and he planted potatoes in buckets and covered them with straw:

Garden and misc 017

Seems to be working . . .

We have a few green tomatoes but I couldn’t get any good pictures of them.  And here are my herbs:

Garden and misc 011

And this is how my garden is growing, hopefully it will continue to do well.  What about you?  What did you plant this year?  Any tips for me? I am always looking for helpful hints, like when to harvest my spinach and so on.