We had my son’s 4th birthday party last weekend.  While I am not normally a fan of  “character themed” birthday parties – the boy loves batman so we went with it.  Starting with the cake, my sister made it.  She is our go-to cake decorator!

Isaacs birthday party 1 037

You can see the bat-shaped sugar cookies that I made in the background.  I frosted some, but then I decided it was easier to just dip the rest in chocolate – yum!

We decided to grill out and here is the grill master himself stuffing his face (he will love that I put this picture on here):

Isaacs birthday party 1 043

Then the grill master started the pinata game where preschool-aged children who were blindfolded took a metal bat and swung it at a batman pinata while we tried to stop other preschool-aged children from getting hit.

Isaacs birthday party 1 046

After I almost got hit, I decided it best we do away with the blindfold:

Isaacs birthday party 1 054

Then of course we had to break out the candle and sing Happy Birthday!

Isaacs birthday party 1 060

My husband and I have noticed that my son is not wearing a shirt in most of his pictures when we sing Happy Birthday to him throughout his 4 years.

Like this one:


Anyway, then we broke out “the water rocket” and the fun really began:

Isaacs birthday party 1 062

Ah, cheap entertainment!

I still cannot believe that my baby boy is 4 years old.  The time really has flown as I knew it would.  We love our little man and feel so thankful that God blessed us with him.