A t-ball drop out:

I am a quitter.  I quit t-ball and I don’t even play.  Actually, I kind of quit t-ball for my son who was not enjoying it and frankly neither was I.  I feel I should explain myself.  I signed my son up because I knew I would have to go to a few games by myself.  Well, my husband ended up staying on second shift instead of going to third shift which meant he could not go to ANY GAMES and I was going to have to find someone to help me or go by myself.  I didn’t want to go by myself.  So I basically quit t-ball for my son.  I hope this doesn’t affect his mad game ball playing skills in the future – we shall see.

A coupon-hater:

I have said before that I really do hate coupons.  I love to save money.  I hate to use coupons.  It takes so much time and effort and it gives me a headache and if I am not SUPER organized then I really don’t save money.   WELL, today I went to Meijer because of some deals that I read about.  It involved a lot of printable coupons which I like better.  Today I did really well.  I stayed only with my list.  I was very organized.  But I really needed sugar and vinegar and they never have coupons for sugar or vinegar.  I didn’t get sugar or vinegar because I wanted to stay true to my list and see if I could save money.

And remember how just this week I said I didn’t like boxed cereal and snacks, well, today I bought 7 boxes of cereal because they were 80 cents each.  I bought Ritz crackers because they were 50 cents.   There is my confession.  I am a trying-to-recover couponer who just can’t stop myself from trying to get good deals.  Another thing  I am trying to figure out is our newer strict grocery budget.  We are trying to spend $50 a week in groceries.  I was used to spending about $125 every two weeks.  I was able to buy my bulk items and stuff but it is hard to do that on $50 a week, but I will figure it out.  I am sure you can’t wait until I do!

And can you stand another confession:

I bid too much on ebay.  I tried to stop myself, but I really have been wanting a tortilla press.  This particular item included an electric tortilla press, a manual tortilla press and a tortilla holder.   The bidding started at $20 and it went up from there.  Well, I won the auction but for more than $20.

One bit of good news is that my spring cleaning list is getting finished.  All of my windows in my house are now clean (except for one in my son’s room that my husband needs to fix) and so is my refrigerator.

I think that is all for this week.  Hopefully I will have less to confess next week.